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It is a very little tourist destination. With a beach that stretches for more than five kilometers and that is the biggest claim of the area.

It has regular residents who mix with sporadic visitors in an open and natural way.
Castelldefels welcomes people from many different backgrounds. And for professional reasons are many French, Dutch, German or Belgian who decide to fix their residence here.

There are numerous water sports, kite surfing, windsurfing, paddle surfing, canoeing, sailing, etc. There are two nautical clubs (the closest to the apartment with gym) in the area and a marina at the end of the promenade.

The recently enlarged promenade is ideal for long walks or cycling.
Nearby the Olympic channel offers various activities. The cable ski and the Wibit (circuit of inflatables in the water) are the last novelty.

Great variety in restaurants, bars and beach bars, shopping centers, supermarkets.

The train station is very close. It connects with Barcelona in just 20 minutes, and Sitges in just 10 minutes.


What sports to do

On the other hand, there is a great variety of sports possibilities, but the most attractive are Castelldefels.

Thanks to its coastal situation, it is suitable for surfing and all its derivatives; Windsurfing, kite surfing and boating. Also, the sail attracts many fans and the celebration of races is frequent.
In its two clubs, the Nautical and the Maritime, you can find information about the scheduled activities, courses and rental of material.


Activities on the promenade

With a seafront of about 8 kilometers (if we add the stretches of the nearby Gavà and Botigues of Sitges), the runners have a spectacular setting. The same that, for those who prefer to walk, go by bike or skate, with its latest developments.
In addition, if you are interested in staying in shape during the holidays, the Nautical Club (only a few meters from the Apartment) offers temporary passes, access to the Fitness room and classes directed.
Along the beach you can find various networks for practicing Volleyball. Also the sea, almost always calm, is conducive to swimming.


Activities in the Olympic Channel

To this offer, has been added just a few years ago the cable surf, which can be practiced in the Olympic Channel. The facilities are extended season after season, and are also held holding events.
You can rent the material, or bring yours. Practice individually, double and even hire courses.
In both the sea and the canal, you can also go canoeing and kayaking. Children, and not so children, will love at the entrance of the Olympic Channel wibit inflatable circuit.

Restaurants, bars and pubs

In Castelldefels you can find a great gastronomic offer, whether you want to eat or dine more formal or snack on tapas, or if you just want to have something to drink. You have alternatives for all tastes.


Snack bar

In the season from Easter to October, this offer is increased by beach bars on the beach. In addition, with varied programs of entertainment and also live music.

Since each one has a different atmosphere and style, recommending one or the other would not be fair, because as the song says ... .. it depends, it all depends.



With the restaurants a little goes the same, because it is a matter of taste. If I had to do however a list with my personal, I would put into it without a clear order Casanovas Beach Club, Fosbury and Rocxi Beach, in all of them the quality and ambience are very good.


Although it is more classic, Che Che or Amar always enjoyable.

A recent discovery is also, the Barracuda, ideal for tapas and beach walk, in the same area.

Although, outside the municipality of Castelldefels, towards the side of the Botigues of Sitges, just before arriving at Port Ginesta, Rosamar restaurant. Besides the fantastic treatment, the dishes are very well taken care of.



Another classic, the Tiburon Beach, with the possibility of drinking afterwards on its terrace. Also classic bar The Pendulum. With a very peculiar atmosphere and a huge cocktail list, and also fast food, Takua.

On the other side, already on the beach of Gavà, Kauai. The restaurant even though it's been years, still surprises, and is not far behind the fast food club or bar.



What cultural activities can you find?

As part of the great variety of cultural activities to do in Castelldefels are; Theater, concerts, cinema, exhibitions, photography exhibitions, storytelling. And above all, the visit to the Castle.



Located at the top of the hill you have a guided tour every Sunday, at 10.30 in English and at 12.00 in Spanish. It lasts one hour and costs € 5. In addition, the second Sunday of the month there are open doors and the visit is free and free.

The castle also has rooms for holding events, with a capacity of 400 people



Feasts of the sea and attack of the pirates

In the celebration of the Sea that is celebrated in the middle of July, many activities take place every year.

In the walk of the beach a market is installed for several days, and also at the height of the 11th street is staged the disembarkation of the pirates, previous parades, in commemoration of the attack of the sixteenth century that was frustrated thanks to the intervention of the dragon Garigot.

The performance is celebrated for a couple of decades, and year after year fills the beach with color and festivity.


Calendar of Popular Holidays and Celebrations

Finally, find a summary of the main festivities:

Cavalcade of Three Wise Men from the Orient, January 5th.
Sant Jordi; April 23rd
Sant Ponç; end of May.
Fiestas del Mar; 15, 16, 17 July
Summer Festival; August 15th
Chestnut; October 31, November 1
Festa Mayor Invierno; December 8th
Cavalcade of Santa Claus; December 22th.